Brief press round-up

by Ruth


‘Warwick Against The Cuts’ on-campus occupation (The Boar)
(23rd November)
Occupy Warwick began on Wednesday 23 November in protest against the University’s current policy on funding for higher education.

Students’ protest camp set up at University of Warwick (BBC)
(24th November)
Up to 100 students have taken part in a protest at the University of Warwick as part of national demonstrations against student fees.

Students: We Are Not a Happy Campus; ‘Occupy Warwick’ camp set up over education funding (Coventry Evening Telegraph)
(26th November)
STUDENTS at Warwick University calling for a better deal for students and staff have set up a protest camp on campus.

Students vent anger at rise in fees (Coventry Observer)
(1st December)
Students set up a camp at the University of Warwick to protest at government cuts and a rise in tuition fees as it was revealed applications to universities had dropped significantly.

Lecturers and students join pension protest (The Boar)
(6th December)
Wednesday saw Universities and Colleges Union (UCU) members of the University of Warwick join the national public sector strikes against government pension reforms, with a student delegation also present in a show of solidarity.

Losing occupatience with the camping protest (The Boar)
(6th December)
Every day I walk past a collection of ridiculous tents, full of ridiculous people, acting ridiculously, on my way to Uni. I cannot be the only one who feels so inherently filled with rage when I allow my thoughts to wander to the travesty that is the occupation movement.

General Meeting: The results (The Boar)
(6th December)
Warwick Students’ Union General Meeting took place on Tuesday 29 November, and saw over 300 students turn up to express their views on a number of proposed motions.

Occupation to end in peace (The Boar)
(6th December)
The University has agreed that the occupation outside Coventry House will be able to remain until Wednesday 7 December.


LIVE BLOG of the November 23rd Day of Action (National Campaign Against Fees and Cuts)
(23rd November)
[…] WARWICK have set up tents. Sean Ruston, the Education Officer at the students’ union, reports: “About 50 students from Warwick Against the Cuts have set up a tent occupation right in the middle of Warwick Campus. More info soon.” […]

Warwick University joins the Occupy movement (Demotix)
(25th November)
Warwick University students join the occupy movement to make a stand against tuition fees.

Where is the theatrical voice of the Occupy movement? (The Horse Behaves Indecently.)
(25th November)
[…] Visiting Occupy Warwick yesterday, where a lecturer had come to talk about democracy and how to combat the neo-liberal narrative, there was plenty of discussion about how things needed to change, but little agreement as yet on practical measures, and a lot of circular conversation […]

Why Occupy? (Found an occupation)
(26th November)
An Occupation has started at my university! I’m not staying there, but I have been down every day for General Assemblies and to help out in other ways, and I’ll be dragging my more apolitical friends to every talk I can persuade them to attend.

Friday 25th November 2011 (Matt Carter’s Blog)
(26th November)
Occupy Warwick. It sounds like a bad sketch written by Armstrong and Miller. A sketch written about bloody students who don’t know what they’re talking about trying to make a big statement but failing to do so in any effective way.

UK: N30 shutdown on the campuses sends solidarity message to Egypt (MENA Solidarity Network)
(2nd December)
In response to a call by public sector union activists for solidarity with Egypt, striking lecturers, university workers and students at universities across Britain sent messages of solidarity to colleges in Egyptian universities during Wednesday’s N30 strike.

We are the 99%, and we want you to fuck off (Fuck you and go fuck yourself)
(6th December)
Several weeks ago, a bunch of self righteous, intellectually challenged bellends from my university saw what was happening in Zuchotti Park, Canary Wharf and countless other locations around the western world and decided it would be a good idea to follow suit.

Is the student occupation relevant to postgrads? (PhD Life Blog)
(6th December)
If you happen to have passed through the centre of campus during the last couple of weeks you’ll have found it hard to miss Occupy Warwick. Student activists have pitched tents outside the Arts Centre as part of a protest against what they describe as the “marketisation of education”.

Occupying Universities (Boggler Blog)
(6th December)
I’ve just been chatting to a group of student protestors from the Occupy Warwickcamp and came away feeling buoyed up by the calm, intelligent commitment of many of our students.