The weekend, and beyond

by Ruth

Weekend Meetings

We have two General Assemblies planned for the weekend:

Saturday: 2pm

Sunday: 12pm

If you’re staying for the weekend, please strive to attend these meetings! If you’re not staying but happen to be in the general vicinity, please do drop by.


We’ve updated the events page as the schedule for next week begins to take shape. Please check back for further information as we intend to regularly add to the page as new speakers and facilitators are confirmed!


Wednesday 7th December will mark the end of our two week occupation. To mark the occasion we invite anyone and everyone — staff, students, locals and non-locals — to join us for an outdoor lunch, music, and a reflection on the past two weeks. We will also consider how the movement might evolve in the months to come.

With the tents packed away the space will again be transformed, this time into an area for festivities and community.

There will be food for all to share. Please do contribute if you can!

There is a Facebook page for this event. 

More details to follow soon.