Union General Meeting and Strikes

by warwickoccupypress

The occupation camp has had a great kick start to the week.

This Tuesday was the General Meeting of our Students Union, where any member can come to debate and vote on union policy. We were very happy to see students turn up in large numbers to vote through, by substantial margins, motions officially endorsing the demands of the occupation camp, maintaining a free education policy and supporting public sector strikes.

We see this as a clear sign of the change in the political climate and culture here at Warwick, which we believe the Occupation, through engaging with an array of people and raising awareness of these issues, has greatly contributed to.

Despite the meeting running late into the night the camp was up bright and early the next morning to join in on pickets being held on campus by the UCU and Unison, as part of the public sector strike in defence of pension schemes. We then accompanied striking staff to a rally and march being held in Coventry by an array of local union branches. We were impressed with the turnout and energy and were very appreciative of the solidarity strikers expressed for our cause.

Plennnnttty more to come.