More Emergency General Meetings.

by mattmcneany

There will be two General Assemblies on Friday 2nd; these will be at 12pm 5pm. These are to discuss the University’s response to our demands and to plan our response over the weekend, whilst we understand that we have called a lot of emergency meetings this week it is vitally important that people turn up for at least one of these two meeting as they will recieve a legal briefing in the case that the camp is to be evicted. If you really can’t make this briefing please mention this to someone when you do pop down and they can fill you in or find someone who can. The camp is still open for bussines and we will do our best to be welcoming but obviously anyone who isn’t comfortable with being in the camp under these circumstances should feel no obligation to be there. We would however ask that anyone who wants to come down and show support to contnue to do so.