Message of solidarity from UCU

by Ruth

The Warwick branch of the University and College Union (UCU) emailed the following message to members this afternoon.

Occupy Warwick

Warwick University is the latest university to see occupations to draw attention to the wreckage that is ongoing to our publicly funded education system.  Occupy Warwick have set up outside the Arts Centre. Warwick UCU President, Vin Hammersley, has met the occupiers and sent them solidaristic greetings on behalf of UCU committee. They have demanded for the VC Chancellor

1. To publicly condemn the White Paper and call for it to be withdrawn, and condemn the increasing marketisation of education.

2. To guarantee no course closures.

3. To guarantee no job cuts and no adverse changes to academic and non-academic staff terms and conditions.

4. To provide bursaries for all international, home and EU students who need them – not fee waivers.

5. To guarantee no cuts to library, student support or learning resources.

6. To guarantee no cuts to access schemes or foundation courses

7. To guarantee that the university will remain public, and a not-for-profit body.

8. To guarantee that no student or member of staff suffer repercussions for their participation in this peaceful movement, and to condemn the University of Birmingham administration for violating its students’right to express their views.

These are all goals which UCU shares. Please call in to the camp, speak to the students and bring them supplies, with the exception of Wednesday (tomorrow) when you should not enter the main campus.  However, they will be joining us on the picket line on Wednesday so you can speak to them there.  see here for more details: